Welcome to Artisan Home

Hello! We warmly welcome you to Artisan Home. My name is Jen and with my husband Craig, I work diligently at creating a home that is warm, inviting, aesthetic, practical, simple, beautiful, a place where creativity can flourish but most of all a home where the presence of Christ is felt & known.

The word “artisan” is a noun meaning a skilled worker in a trade, esp. one that involves making things by hand. The origin of the word is from the 16th century. It comes from the Latin word “artitus” meaning to “instruct in the arts”. It also involves making items skillfully for functionality or for purely decorative means. It can include making items by hand such as furniture, clothing, bread, cheese, art, ceramics, pottery, wood, textiles, jewellery, baskets.

The word “home” refers to the place where one lives, abides, finds refuge. It also refers to the place where one originates and where something flourishes.

Edith Schaeffer wrote in her book, “The Hidden Art of Homemaking” the following quote:

“Whatever it is, surely art involves creativity and originality. Whatever form art takes, it gives outward expression to what otherwise would remain locked in the mind, unshared. One individual personality has definite or special talent for expressing, in some medium, what other personalities can hear, see, smell, feel, taste, understand, enjoy, be stimulated by, be involved in, find refreshment in, find satisfaction in, find fulfillment in, experience reality in, be agonized by, be pleased by, enter into, but which they could not produce themselves.

Art in various forms exresses and gives opportunity to others to share in, and respond to, things which would otherwise remain vague, empty yearnings. Art satisfies and fulfils something in the person creating and in those responding.”

-Edith Schaeffer, The Hidden Art of Homemaking, page 14

The inspiration for this blog comes from the two definitions above and the reality of God, the Creator making us in His own image to be beings who are creative. And for us who put our faith in Jesus Christ as Savior & Lord, we are being recreated daily into the image of Christ who is the Master Artisan, the Skillful worker who was actually a true artisan during his life on earth as a carpenter, but also an artisan in the sense of being the Creator of all things. So there is not only creating, creativity, but constant recreating by the Creator!

Regarding the “home”, there is beauty in creating a sanctuary, a home for God’s glory and our joy, a place where lives are transformed and the gospel is lived out. Even with a small home and limited income, this can be accomplished. As you will see in future posts, it doesn’t matter if you live in a North American suburb, a chalet in Switzerland, a concrete shack in Tijuana, Mexico, or a grass hut in Africa. Your “home” can be a place of ministry, beauty, and design.

We hope that you will take time to come back often and follow us on our journey of creating an Artisan Home!


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