Artisan Crafts ~ The Mission Rocking Chair

God, the Creator, made us in His image and therefore, we create. We sew, paint, write, draw, photograph, edit, copy, paste, build, renovate, decorate, knit, crochet, cook, bake, etc.. There is a joy found in creating something out of raw materials or even creating something out of WHATEVER material is on hand!

Part of this blog is about creating. My husband and I enjoy making things by hand and so I will be writing about some of the items we have made, painted, repurposed, etc.

A couple years ago for Valentine’s Day, my husband found an amazing rocking chair on craigslist and bought it for $40… an excellent find! However the seat cushion was grey and white striped, dirty, torn, and had a dirty shoe print stained on it.  We knew that one day we would get around to reupholstering it. So when the day came to pull off the fabric, I had no idea what I’d find inside (which is part of the excitement of remodeling furniture).

I have never re-upholstered before so I searched for a lesson on fixing seat covers. Pretty easy instructions. So I got a hammer and went to work!
The first pic in this post shows the “before” look. You can’t tell, but when sitting in it, the seat basically felt like a round hard inner tube with a huge hole in the middle. So you couldn’t really sit on it comfortably. Craig got this for me as a project chair from the beginning so we already knew it would need some work.
So I started ripping the seat cover apart. And what did it reveal? Another seat cover!  It was yellow and black floral print in velvet! Yuck! So I started to rip that off too! Meanwhile I’m also taking out the hundreds of staples and nails!

After taking off the next layer of fabric, I found yet another layer. This time it was the original leather. The leather was so old though that I just had to pull at it, and it ripped off. After 3 layers, it was time to pull out the filling. It was originally a potatoe sack filled with a mixture of what looked like hay, straw, and perhaps sheep’s wool?
After taking that all apart, I was left with the original wood frame. There was no middle part as that had been where the potatoe sack was. So it was literally a frame. I cleaned it up, took out the remaining nails and set it aside.
Went to Joann’s fabric store and found some pretty fabric, just what I was looking for! And it was 60% off! What a deal! I also bought 2 plywood slats for the middle. Earlier, I had bought some foam for the seat cushion as well.

I nailed the wood slats onto the frame; Craig showed me how to cut and then snap off the remaining portions, sanded down the edges. After that, I took some glue and glued the foam to the seat.

Let it dry overnight.

Then, I came to the most exciting part… stapling the new fabric to the seat! I followed the instructions on the youtube video… and voila! I made a seat cushion! I tested it out and it was so comfy!

Now it sits charmingly in our living room for all to enjoy! Stay tuned for more “artisan crafts”!


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