Artisan Crafts ~ The Dollhouse


When a little girl is given a home to take care of, stand back and let the imagination run wild! A few years ago, I went to Value Village looking for furniture. I found a $9 brown wood bookshelf. I couldn’t pass up a great deal for something so practical, especially since we didn’t have enough room to store our books. So I bought it and packed it into our little 2 door Toyota and brought it home. I painted it white and then set up our little “overflow” bookshelf. For the last few months, the shelf no longer held books, instead it held toys. But it still wasn’t getting much use in general. Then one fall day, I was thinking that we need to get a dollhouse for our daughter. Suddenly, it was like fireworks in my brain and everything came together! I would turn the bookshelf into a dollhouse for Jadyn!

Over the next few weeks prior to Christmas, I painted each of the 3 levels including windows, fireplace, wall art, etc. I even sewed some curtains for each window.

During the day, I would turn it around so our 2.5 year old wouldn’t see what I was working on but she knew it was her Christmas present! I was so excited! We ordered some Melissa & Doug wooden dolls and Nana & Papa gave her some wooden furniture by Plan Toys. I also used some of my old “My Little Pony” furniture that my parents had given me when I was little.

There is so much joy in creating toys for your children! It was such a delight to reveal to her the “present” I had been working on and that she was so curious about for weeks. I hope this will be a dollhouse that she will cherish all her growing up years and as she plays “Dollhouse”, that she will know how much love went into each brushstroke.


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