The Book of James

I’ve been going through a Bible study recently on the book of James in the New Testament. The teaching is by Jennifer Wilkin of The Village Church in Dallas, Texas. Its been exciting to read through this book again and either re-learn or learn for the first time many important truths about God. What I have really appreciated is Jennifer Wilkin’s dedication to researching the history and context that this book was written in. For me, the history and context of Scripture, including learning a fuller explanation of certain greek words in the text, bring the Scriptures to life in a new and profound way. The fact that James was the biological brother of Jesus, and that he didn’t believe in Jesus’ ministry or claims at first, bring increased depth to the power of James’ witness of Christ when he finally did believe and follow Jesus. That is huge! And when I read the book of James with that in mind, there is a greater depth and passion behind what James is teaching the early church.

There are 12 sessions in this study and I highly recommend it. I will be sharing more on what I’m learning through this short, but powerful book of the Bible.

Resources: The Village Church Audio (Jennifer Wilkin, Faith Works series)


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