Artisan Crafts ~ The Teddy Bear

The first time I learned to sew was with my momma! I remember her sewing my sisters and I beautiful decorative pillows for our beds, sewing curtains for our rooms and also several Sunday morning dresses! I also took a sewing class in high school. A couple years ago for Mother’s Day, my husband bought me my very own sewing machine! I literally danced for joy, jumping up and down on our bed! I was so excited to get my sewing on!!!

For Jadyn’s first birthday, I made a little doll for her that I called, Lucy. For Oliver’s first birthday, I wanted to make him a special toy too. So I made a teddy bear! I looked online for free patterns of teddy bears, but didn’t find anything that was what I was looking for. So I made my own pattern. I got my fabric together and began drawing out the shape of a teddy bear, its head, arms, feet, belly. I handstitched the entire bear over the course of a few afternoons during the kids’ naptimes. That’s when I usually get around to working on these types of projects. It was so fun! It didn’t take long to put it together and my husband was pretty impressed! I gave it to Oliver on his birthday and he loved it!


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