Hello! My name is Jennifer Harris and I am the author of this blog! I live with my husband and children in the beautiful northwest of Washington! To read my “Welcome” post, please click here! My husband is the Worship & Arts Pastor at our church and you can follow his blog at The Liturgy.

About sections of websites are always so interesting. Its a place to give readers a little glimpse into who you are, what kind of personality you have, where you’ve come from and what you love. Its important to give a little introduction to the author, a little window into who this writer is. So here goes with my long list to give you just a little glimpse.

I love Jesus Christ. I love Him because He first loved me and chose me from before the foundation of the Earth. I love Him because he lives in me and the life I now live, I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave Himself for me. 1 John 4:19; Eph 1:4; Gal 2:20

I love to study theology. As a young child, I loved to read my Bible especially the Psalms. My parents would read the Bible to us and faithfully taught us God’s Word. One of my favorite smells was the leather of my mom’s Bible. I loved to flip through the thin pages and look at all the verses she highlighted. She’d say those were her favorite verses. When I was a teenager, I started to read different books of the Bible like Acts, John, Revelation, Ruth… the historical events came alive to me and fascinated me. I needed to know more. I went to Capernwray Bible School in Texas for a year and then to Columbia Bible College in B.C., Canada to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree in Church Ministry. Being a Pastor’s daughter, I’ve grown up in church ministry all my life and served in various churches leading worship, teaching, discipling, and mentoring, also traveling to Mexico several times, Argentina, and New York City to serve in short term missions and experiencing the Church in various countries in Europe. It is one of my lifelong passions to serve the Body of Christ wherever Christ leads me.

I love to go on dates with my husband. My husband is an amazing man of God. When I was young, I wrote a list of what I wanted in a future husband. In praying for the man that God would bring me, I used this list as a guide. God answered my prayers. It was worth the wait! And as the years roll on, the layers of our love increase and go deeper and my appreciation for who he is and what he does grows wider. I’m thankful.

Our children are our blessings from God! I have prayed for my children for years before they were even born! I knew one day I would be a mommy and so I prayed for the children God would give me. I love to hang out with my precious little ones all day. I have the privilege of being a stay at home mom, raising my kiddos and its the best job in the world! My home is my primary place of ministry and I have a pretty huge vision for this ministry! Praying that God will continue to write our story with grace and fruitfulness, that our family can be a light to this world, a witness of Christ.

I love to play piano & guitar and sing, write songs, walk along the ocean, knit, sew, make crafts, decorations & toys for my kids, travel, explore other cultures and far away lands, make life an adventure, and have people over for a cup of tea!

I also love to write, teach, mentor and encourage young women to pursue Christ in all of life.

If you would like to ask me a question, send me a comment, or contact me, please do so in the Comments section of the website.

I would love to hear from you!


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